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1927-29 Empire Oxford



This car was produced by Morris Commercial Cars Ltd at Soho, Birmingham. Targeted at the export market, the car used a Morris Z 15.9hp engine, which was a development of the 11.9hp & 13.9 hp Hotchkiss type engines used on the Cowleys and Oxfords. The very earliest vehicles had engines mated to a dry plate clutch. Subsequent vehicles were fitted with engines having modified crankshaft lubricating arrangements and mated to a wet clutch, (cork insert running in oil). The later engines were distinguished by a white star painted on the cylinder block. The car had a high ground clearance, considered appropriate for use over the rough roads of the far flung corners of the British Empire!. Only 1,742 were produced and a handful known to survive.


1928 Empire Oxford (Photo – Used with Permission)


1927 4 door
4 door
Engine: Morris Z 2513cc, 15.9hp (RAC), 4 cylinder side valve.
Clutch: Dry Plate (very early engines). Cork insert  between metal plates, running in oil (majority of engines)
Gear Box: 4 speed with gate change
Ignition: Magneto
1929 Fabric bodied Saloon

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