1929-34 Minor


The Minor was announced in 1928, undoubtedly with the intention of claiming some of the small car market, in which many of Morris competitor’s, most notably Austin with the Seven were already engaged. Using a Wolseley developed overhead cam engine, the Minor was an immediate success, spawning a number of variants and forming the basis for MG’s ‘M Type’ Midget.

Profit margins on the overhead cam Minor were slim, so for the 1931 season, a side-valve engine variant, with the 2 seater version selling at just £100, was launched. Both engine variants were offered for the 1931 & 32 seasons after which only the side-valve engine variant continued in production. In total, 39,083 ohc and 47,227 sv Minors were manufactured.

1930 Minor (Photo – Ken Martin)

1929-32 Minor – OHC Engine

1929 4 seat tourer Fabric Saloon 2 door 5cwt
Engine:  847cc, 4 cylinder, overhead cam,
Clutch: Morris single dry-plate.
Box: 3 speed.
Ignition: coil.
1930 Coach-built Saloon 2
door (folding head)
1931 Semi-sports
2 seater
1932 Family Eight Saloon
4 door

Eight sports coupe sliding head

1931-34 Minor – SV Engine

1931 2 seater 4 seat tourer Fabric Saloon 2 door
fixed head
Coach-built Saloon 2
door (folding head)
5 cwt
Engine: 847cc, 4 cylinder, side valve,
8.05hp(RAC)Clutch: Morris single dry-plate.
Gear Box: 3 speed (1931-32 models and 1933 2 seater), 4 speed (1933 excl 2 seater and 1934).
Ignition: coil.
1933 Family 4 door Saloon, sliding-head Special Coupe sliding head


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