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1939-48 Ten Series M


Announced in August 1938, the Ten Series M was the first Morris to use “mono-construction” techniques. Mono-construction techniques were already in limited use by car manufacturers in the USA, Germany & France and had just been introduced in the UK in late 1937 by Vauxhall for their 10/4  saloon.

The 4 door monocoque shell of the Ten Series M, constructed from 69 separate pressings, contained a number of design features carried forward from the Twelve Series 3. These included spare wheel stowage under the boot, battery sited under the bonnet, full width shelf under the facia, tubular frame front seats and a large degree of body styling. Production of the saloon was
interrupted by World War II, although in common with Austin, Hillman & Standard, a light utility variant (the ubiquitous “tilly”) was produced.


1948 Ten Series M (Photo – Colin Belcher)
An example of a fixed head saloon


1939 Saloon (fixed head &
sliding head)
Engine: Morris XPJM 4cylinder overhead
valve, 1140cc, 9.99hp (RAC) (Utility vehicle XPJM/U – same engine but using Solex carb in lieu of SU carb and different Lucas distributor and dynamo variants)
Clutch: Borg & Beck single dry plate
Gear Box: 4 speed
Ignition: coil
1940-45 2 seat
“4 x 2”
1946-48 Saloon (fixed head &
sliding head)

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