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1940-53 Series Z 5 cwt


The Series Z 5cwt van, a derivative of the Morris 8 Series E introduced in late 1938, was designed as a replacement for the Series 1 van. However, many features of the van had more in common with the earlier 8 Series 1 & 2 cars than the Series E. The engine was similar to that in the 8 Series E but used a crankshaft from the Series 1 & 2, albeit with shell bearings. This may have been a necessity to match the engine to the 3 speed gearbox used in earlier 8 models rather than the 4 speed box used in the 8 Series 8 cars. Unlike the cars, with their novel headlight mounting arrangement in the front wings, the Series Z van used traditional headlight mounting arrangements. The instrumentation used was the same as earlier 8 models rather than that used in the Series E. The vast majority of early production went to military and public service use. The Post Office used variants of the van which had detail differences and also purchased a batch with coach-built body work (a practice used previously with the Eight/Minor hybrid vans). Production continued until 1953, by which time in excess of 51,000 vans had been manufactured.


1947 Series Z (PDoug Townsend)
ex Post Office Telephones Van




5cwt van Engine: Morris USHMV 4cylinder side valve, 918cc, 8hp (RAC)
Clutch: Borg & Beck single dry plate
Gear Box: 3 speed
Ignition: coil

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